Wuhan Laboratory, China ~2015

Left to Right – Anthony Fauci, [M. Gates?], Barack Obama, Wuhan Lab Tech

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Fauci is on the Gates Board of Advisors

Making All of This a Massive Conflict of Interest

The Patents You Never Knew About

There is only ONE REASON to claim ‘dibs’ on a strain of Virus. Think about it. Why would a Corporation need to Claim ‘Ownership’ of a … virus? Really think about that. A Patent. For a Virus.
(tip of the iceberg – proves nothing ‘directly’ .. by design of course)

Gate Foundation Website – About Page


Gates Grant Money into Pirbright

Date: November 2013
Purpose: to improve our understanding of, and effective use of, current control tools and measures (including vaccines) against peste des petits ruminants and foot and mouth disease, two serious diseases affecting livestock that are widespread in developing countries
Amount: $189,232
Term: 49
Topic: Agricultural Development
Program: Global Growth and Opportunity
Grantee Location: Woking, Surrey
Grantee Website: http://www.pirbright.ac.uk/



^^^ Hundreds Filed in a Variety of Countries not just USA ^^^

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Plandemic Movie – Judy Mikovits

PLANDEMICMikovits started her career…

Anthony Fauci Opposes Study on Effectiveness of Masks

Dr. Anthony Fauci said Tuesday he opposes conducting a controlled study on the effectiveness of masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.