Mikovits started her career as a lab technician at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in 1988. She became a scientist and obtained a Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular biology from George Washington University in 1991.

Efforts to debunk Judy Mikovits are futile.  She has proven herself an accomplished Scientist and Immunotherapist, one even brave enough to stand up against corruption and crystal clear conflict-of-interest with Anthony Fauci himself.  If anyone knows what kind of person he is, its Judy.

She is more than qualified to speak on the matter.  Listen to the message instead of attacking the messenger.  She’s whistleblowing on CORRUPTION, so ask yourself how a ‘Fact Checker’ could possibly claim to ‘debunk’ anything, when it is purely an insider whistleblower’s personal story – from an inside perspective?

Fact checkers think they’re detectives because they ask the accused – ‘is any of this true?’ – and we know how that goes.  WAKE UP.

When you see the video and hear her story, the agenda is quite clear.   

Why the effort to destroy her life and censor her completely, if she’s wrong in her claims?






If this wasn’t at least partially true, why the heavy CENSORSHIP by the Mainstream Media, YouTube, Facebook and others?

“Conspiracies” that the Establishment Powers don’t care about, are free to run rampant.

So, why do they care then?